List of potential captchas to use instead of Google Captcha to keep the site VPN/Tor friendly without sacrificing security.

Posted by DanielD 
Google captcha might seem like the way to go, since it's really simple to input into your site and it's owned by Google, who doesn't trust google right? They have to keep those massive servers full of everyone's personal data secure somehow right?

Well Google Captcha provides a fairly bad user experience, especially for people who use VPNs or Tor for privacy/security reasons. Often times Google Captcha will force VPN and Tor users to a popup that will ask them to solve a puzzle such as "select all the streetsigns/cars/buses/storefronts ect.." even if these are inputed 100% correctly google will often decide to force you to input a few more of them just because you're using a VPN/Tor. This is very tedious and overall gives people a bad taste in their mouth before even entering the site!

Here are some alternatives that should achieve the same purpose and also give ACTUAL USERS an easier time on your site.

FunCaptcha: [] Easy Implementation: []

SweetCaptcha: []

PlayThru: [] (Video Example: [] )

The Honey Pot Method: []

I'm unsure if a Captcha is ever going to be planned for My3DPros but if it's ever implemented please try any of the above methods instead of resorted to Google Captcha. My Fellow VPN users will thank you!
Thank you for the suggestion!

Will bring it up at our next dev meeting.
Proof Google Captcha is shit compared to the alternatives Google Captcha Sucks Youtube Video
The Teepublic captcha didn't capture well on the recording for some reason, but it's still visibly simpler than the google one.

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