What's happening with My3dPros?

Posted by DanielD 
What's happening with My3dPros?
November 21, 2018 12:00PM
It's been awhile since we got an update from staff (over a month.) Is the project still being worked on? Would be nice if there was some easy way to check up on development.
Re: What's happening with My3dPros?
November 23, 2018 05:42PM
Hey DanielD,

Sorry I know you guys are being told to just twiddle your thumbs while this is all being done behind the scene's.
So here is an idea of where we are at.

My3DPro's can be broken down into basically a few different moving parts:

1) Search functionality for client's to find pro's
2) File Sharing tech for the client's to share with the selected pro the file they want printed.
3) An update feature that allows the pro to keep the client aware of where they are with an order in progress.
4) An instant messaging service to allow the pro and client to talk should any further explanation on either side be necessary.
5) Profile and review tech for client's to review their pro's service's
6) The STL Viewer (and hopefully) the printability calculator to allow client's to review their model's before submitting.
7) All the Stripe Api access and controls that let's everyone get paid in a smooth (and especially SAFE) experience.

Right now, 1 is complete, 2 is 90% done, 3 is what i'm working on as we speak and it is nearly finished (let's say 95%). 4 I need to get a progress update on from the rest of the team (but I believe it's about 70%) 5 is 50% 6, the viewer is 100% the printability calculator we may have to push off until after launch. and 7 is still in testing but it is in essence 100%.

That's the overview of where we are at right now with the tech.

Believe me we're still pushing hard for this to get out asap!
Re: What's happening with My3dPros?
November 26, 2018 10:23AM
So if you didn't release with the price checker I could see you handling it 2 different ways.

1.You have to contact the sellers directly to ask how much it would cost.
2.You place the order and just hope to god you can pay for it when you get the mystery bill.
both of these seem like horrible and inefficient methods.
If you MUST hold off the price calculator than at least go with #1, I do not want to place an order that's going to cost me a mystery amount of money.

Thanks for the update knkp.
Re: What's happening with My3dPros?
November 26, 2018 06:14PM
No problem, well I'm glad we're having this discussion actually.
Let me give you a bit more detail about the workflow (that's actually what I'm working on today anyhow)
and tell me what you think.

From the client's point of view this is how it works:

1.) Upload the file you want printed .
2.) Select the pro you would like to do the print and submit it to them.
*** pro evaluates the print, set's the price, or if clarification is needed - the pro can initiate an instant message session between you and them in a private channel ***
3) You get a notification referring to the print job with the option to accept or deny it with the click of a button.
4) If the print is accepted, you can monitor the print job as the pro update's through various phases.

I know that all sounds abstract, so here is a few screenshots of the current setup from the client's side:

Here is the option for a proposed order from a pro:

Here is what an in-progress order looks like:

As you can see we have a few more things to add into the orders themselves - but, you know, gotta do the big picture stuff first ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Honestly, the printability calculator wasn't originally intended to calculate the price of the object. We wanted to leave that to the pro's so that the pro and the client could find the most beneficial option between them. Almost like a bidding service. But if we need to adjust this strategy then, well that's exactly what these forum's are for.

In any case, what do you think?
Re: What's happening with My3dPros?
November 26, 2018 11:20PM
After looking at the images and understanding how this is going to work, I think this method will be fine.
It's actually good because that would allow "Pros" to give recurring clients special deals for being regulars, or even offer stuff like holiday discounts.
It really does add more flexibility. Thanks for clarifying that for me.
Re: What's happening with My3dPros?
November 28, 2018 02:42AM
Yes exactly!

And no problem - that's why this forum exists.
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