What 3D printer should I buy as a beginner and some general questions. Aka: Don't know what subreddit I'd post this on, so maybe you guys can help me.

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So I was looking for a good 3D printer. Here are my requirements:
1.Decently reliable. I'm new to this so I'd prefer to have something that's pretty stable. I'd like to achieve a balance between reliability and print quality, favoring reliability. I'm not expecting a plug and play solution but i'd prefer a printer that's pretty beginner friendly with decent print quality. I'd also like something with a decent community so if I have any problems I can ask for help on a forum or something.
2.Budget is about $1000. I'd prefer a cheaper printer with less bells and whistles over an expensive printer with everything but the kitchen sink.
3.Software compatibility with Linux (this is important.)
4.Support for most common filaments would be nice too. PLA, ABS ect...

I was looking at the Monoprice Select Mini V2 which I've heard is a pretty good printer for the price and is nice and compact.

I'll mostly be using the printer for little enclosures for things like the Raspberry Pi boards and things of that nature, but I might also print some aesthetic pieces as well.
Thanks in advanced.

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Compatibility with Lunix will be your hardest one to get to work, but I believe Cura does work on Linux.

For a grand or less, the Prusa MK3 cannot be beat (or whatever MK they are on now). Link HERE

Proper mesh bed leveling, open source, great community, magnetic build plate, etc.

If you want something cheaper some people like Creality 3D offerings like the CR-10 and Ender 3. Personally, it is worth the extra to not have to level beds, have a sturdy printer that needs no upgrades, something that you can build and go right to printing rather than spending every print re leveling your build, calibrating the bowden extruder, etc. Mind you, I started with cheap printers too, but I learned my time is WAY more valuable in the long run.

The Monoprice Mini v2 or pro is a great option too, but is quite small for build volume. Not sure if that is a plus for you though!

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Thanks so much for all the help!
Is the Prusa i3 Mk3 difficult to assemble or should I buy the pre-built model?
I have a hard time seeing so if it requires precise vision or very accurate symmetry to assemble I'll probably get the pre-built.

Would there be a brand of filament you'd recommend? I've heard good things about Hatchbox, would you also recommend them or is there another brand that's better?

Thanks so much for the help so far.
Check out Toms3D on Youtube, he did a livestream of the build. The instructions are really easy too, takes about 7-10 hours last I heard. If you are looking to get your first machine, DEFINITELY get the kit, it will be a great learning experience for you.

As for filament, normally I would recommend Make Shaper, but they announced they are closing. Looks like we will be transitioning over to 3DX Tech for everything. I am also a reseller.

Personally, I am not a fan of hatchbox, their materials are glossy and made overseas. A great deal of my contracts require USA made materials and sometimes even machines. We have a great relationship with 3DX and they carry just about everything. If price is a concern, the Amazon house brand seems to be getting decent reviews. Just bought some of their PETG to play around with.

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