Posted by Cova 
October 12, 2018 11:09PM
This site seriously needs a different theme - the big orange guy needs to go. There's no reason that on every single page load I should have to scroll an entire page down to see the first line of content.
Re: Theme
October 15, 2018 09:04AM
I agree 100% I actually spoke to the owner of 3D pubs on the phone specifically about the color scheme which I found hard to read (white on cyan and all.)
I also dislike the orange man and feel the logo could do something similar to what sites like youtube do and hide in the top left corner of the page. It should be a convenient home button, not a huge banner.

So this gets a +1 from me!
Re: Theme
October 16, 2018 09:35PM

Another great suggestion, you are completely right! The team is on it! Will keep you updated!

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Re: Theme
October 17, 2018 12:23AM
Hey guys, I'm one of the developers working on this project.

Was an easy change, so I have removed the header image to make it a bit more user friendly.

Let us know on this thread any suggestions you guys might have for color scheme's that you like to give us idea's.
Getting in this early means that your input will make a BIG impact right now on both 3dpubs and my3dpros.

Just please do follow public forum standard's of being respectful to each other (will make a post about that later) - we WILL try to help you out where we can and we have a very talented team.
Re: Theme
October 18, 2018 05:28AM
Really just White text on a dark background. White text on a bright background is just very harsh on the eyes.
I'm no designer myself so I can't give a specific color suggestion.

Black text on a bright background also works. Though I find darker color schemes to be much easier on the eyes.
Re: Theme
October 18, 2018 01:40PM
Hello Daniel,

I'm one of the designers here, can you send us of link of where your seeing white text on a bright background.
We are aware of some dark links showing up on dark backgrounds but haven't seen the opposite.

Everything should be in the #2d2c32 dark grey color with white.

Thank you.

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Re: Theme
October 19, 2018 05:29AM
Footer of and My3Dpros

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Re: Theme
October 19, 2018 12:22PM
Oh, that sites not out and it subject to change.
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