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Thoughts on brands, experiences, etc. Settings, machine, and photos are preferred!

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Under $18/kg

Want filament on the cheap? Not sure where it comes from and don't care? See what lies within!

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Want some better quality, care about where your material comes from and do not mind paying a bit extra for quality? This is the place for you!

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Best of the best of the best, SIR! Price is no object, quality is your #1 concern.

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USA Made

Murica! We recognize a great portion of the community is US based. Share your opinions here about USA made filaments. If we like it, we may add them to our list of vendors! (some verification required for companies)

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The safe for work kind of exotics! Let's see your non-standard filaments here!

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EU (and the UK)

Filaments made by the lovely individuals across the pond (3D Pubs is based in the USA).

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Far East

Filaments from our friends over in Asia! Great for bargains, some quality can be questionable.

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